Why Training & Documentation is Needed

  • The world of prisons, jails and ex-offenders is a very different cultural experience than most people in churches have experienced. The mind-set and life issues of inmates can be quite foreign to those not previously exposed to this environment.


  • Because we are working among the criminal element there are security precautions that must be observed. But it is not just about protecting us.


  • To be effective in working with this population, and to actually change their lives for the Lord, experienced people need to pass on what they have learned to new or less experienced people.


  • To work together in unity for the Lord, we all need to know what each team member does.


  • Because we live in a legally active society and are working in the criminal justice area, certain documents need to be signed, obtained or understood to best serve and protect everyone.


  • It would be irresponsible to let volunteers loose without training, understanding, and standards of commitment.


  • Most of all, we are called to excellence as stewards of the Lord’s work.





We encourage all volunteers to participate in this training program, regardless of their past experience. This way more experienced volunteers can share what they have learned with newer volunteers. It will help all of us better understand the whole picture of working together.