Eagles Fellowships Volunteering


The following volunteer positions are required for a successful Eagles Fellowships program at the locations currently conducting such meetings. 


Volunteer Positions:

  • Overseer – An Overseer is given responsibility of the group and its ongoing effectiveness
  • Topic Discussion Leader – This volunteer is assigned a topic to discuss with the group. Rather than relying on a single individual, these support groups are structure in such a way as to utilize a number of qualified Topic Discussion Leaders.

Eagle Fellowships Meeting Locations:

  • Mecklenburg Jail-North
  • Mecklenburg Jail Annex
  • Union County jail
  • Charlotte Correctional Center (Prison)
  • Stonewall Jackson Training School in Concord (Youth Facility)

Volunteers receive training as required by individual institutions.


Volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer form and submit to a background check.  Your help makes more Eagles Fellowships possible!